Håndværksstævne VidarSkolen 2019

Håndværksstævne VidarSkolen 2019

Dear Friends.

Impressive to meet all of you and less the commitment to the crafts and arts in our Schools.

Here is my presentation sunday morning. Just click the download button.

Cecily Brown: Where, When, how often and With Whom

Art journey to London:   

Art in London includes main works by Turner. His use of colours are almost impossible til reproduce. For this reason it will be a profound artistic experience to meet his art at Tate Britain Gallery in London.

Also the now renowned artist Mark Rothko has his major works in London. In Tate Moderns ‘Rothko Rooms’ the impressive Seagram Murals can be studied.

Other great art at the time of our London stay will be a large exhibition og van Gogh and a colourful show of Bonnards art.

Also London has famous renaissance art: Leonardos Madonna, Michelangelos late paintings and much more.

The Study tour to London is partly individual: You as a participant will plan your journey, your accommodation and your food etc. We can recommend hotel if needed.

And the stay is partly social: All teaching – wich will comprise most of the day, will be for all. Ove Frankel make all plans for the art experience including entrance fees etc.

If interested please contact Ove Frankel a.s.a.p on info@udviklingskunst.dk

You may see more info about London Art trip at www.udviklingskunst.dk